new mums

Please see the services page for an update on what Felicity is able to offer in her (now reduced) private practice.

Becoming a mother for the first time can be both enjoyable and challenging. There are a myriad of changes a woman can experience once becoming a mother: physical, emotional, financial, psychological, lifestyle, and social. Some of these changes can be observed and others cannot. Some of these changes are pleasant and others are not.    

"The home visiting service was very convenient and Felicity found a nice balance of combining friendly chatting with more focussed discussion."  Kathy - new mother of one

Below is information about the site that Felicity developed in 2006. Just click here for more. Through the Mothers Be Heard library on this website you can have access to: 

* Your Story: stories by mums for mums

* Life BC: mums acknowledge their life before children

* ART Mums: the experience of those who have used assisted technologies

* Wellbeing Workshops for Mums: results from community based workshops

* References: a collation of resources about contemporary motherhood

* Feedback: what mums told Felicity about her site

* Mothers Be Heard: the story (exerpt)

"It was July 2006. We had been emailing for just over ten years. Microsoft had just released it's Xbox 360 games console in Australia. Myspace was the new cool and facebook had not even become a household name. Bloggers were becoming as common as joggers and the World Wide Web was ....."     read more

  "What I found most helpful about this service was the home visits, feeling comfortable, and trying different techniques to see what the best fit for me was. I could really related to the 'cloud' thoughts process." T. Simons - mother of two

For a free information brochure about the transition to motherhood just click The New You: Modern Mums, by Felicity Chapman