(Below is information that was on the Mothers Be Heard website - before Your Storyline had been concieved. For an understanding of this context see MBH The Story.)

MBH Wellbeing Workshop contributions

Overall MBH has coordinated 3 workshops in Adelaide.  The first one was pilot workshop to gauge what topics were most relevant for mothers.  The other 2 workshops were as a result of this pilot process.  The Women's Community Centre of SA at Stepney kindly hosted and sponsored this initiative.

Pilot Workshop February 12th 2009

All reproduced with permission from Anne-marie Taplin, author of 'Being Mummy' gift/parenting book, ISBN 978 1 86254 747 6, published by Wakefield Press, RRP $16.95.Photography by Kate Elmes and Mick Bradley.Flyer designed by Rose Keevins Graphic Design. r_r@pacific.net.au

In the 2009 consultation, these are the reflections that the participants noted when asked about what has changed for them since becoming a mum:

       * More emotional

       * Less focussed on the self

      * More worry

      * Not feeling productive or appreciated

      * Constancy of domestic life

      * Not being spontaneous and increased feelings of isolation

      * Pressure to be a good wife, mother, look great, and have a clean home

      * Feeling less supported by partner

      * Feeling overwhelmed with workload

“So many groups focus on the practical sides of motherhood that looking at the meaning of it would be great.  There are many groups that look at practical tips but very few opportunities to explore emotional changes in a group setting.  This would be very valuable.” (Participant feedback for February 2009 pilot workshop).

“I want to think more about how parenting has changed my life.  You get so caught up in the day-to-day realities it’s hard to find time/space to reflect.” (Participant feedback for February 2009 pilot workshop).

Workshop 1 November 13th and 20th 2009

Flyer designed by Rose Keevins Graphic Design. r_r@pacific.net.au

Workshop 2 March 20th and 27th 2010

Some of the participants from the March 2010 workshop - (L to R) Kinderlain with Lily, Cher with daughter Trinity, and Felicity


Most participants from both the November 2009 and the March 2010 workshops agreed that being listened to:

      * Helped them make more sense out of their journey, and current situation

      * Helped them realize that they were not alone

      * Appreciate the chance to feel more connected and validated

      * Appreciate feeling emotionally supported














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