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This newsletter commenced in May 2018 and is information and commentary on older adult and carer wellbeing. You are welcome to peruse previous publications by clicking the hyperlinks below. And please click the image on the right if you would like to request that your details be added to the subscriber database. Alternatively you can send Felicity an email by clicking here. Enjoy!

Previous publications


Issue 1, May 2018, The Ending of Life

Issue 2, June 2018, World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

Issue 3, July 2018, Decline Not a Sign of Failure

Issue 4, August 2018, Sexuality, Eroticism and Sensuality

Issue 5, September 2018, The Working Life

Issue 6, October 2018, (Scott Morrison) Are You Paying Attention?

Issue 7, November 2018, Managing Distress in Older People








Felicity on a home visit to a 93year old independant living client


Advocacy and Evolution of Aged Care Services and the Medicare Injustice


2016: Felicity's email to Council of the Ageing (COTA) re Medicare injustice

2017: COTAs petition campaign started in January re Medicare injustice

2017: Australian Association of Social Work's (AASW) letter to the Honourable Greg Hunt re Medicare injustice

2017: AASW pre-budget submission, page 5, 'Medicare, mental health and services for older people.'

2018: Felicity's speech re Medicare injustice when launching Counselling & Psychotherapy with Older People in Care on World Social Work Day

2018: Felicity's letter to SA Mental Health Commissioner re Medicare injustice, co-signed by President of the AASWSA Dr Mary Hood and requested by the Commissioner after the launch

2018: Federal budget and, "$83 million to address the drastic shortage of mental health services in residential aged care facilities."

2018: COTA's Federal budget summary

2018: Australian Ageing Agenda's Federal budget summary




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