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Poster presentation for he 2018 the Australian Association of Gerontology conference

Debut book: Counselling and Psychotherapy with Older People in Care, (2018, JKP)

Nominee for the 2019 Australasian Journal on Ageing Book Award

From the moment we are born we are ageing. By the time people reach their senior years there can be many aspects about ageing that are satisfying: reflecting on a life of productivity, more leisure time, opportunities to travel, witnessing the developments of family and maybe taking up a hobby or two.

Ageing well is focussing on health and wellbeing no matter what your age is. It's about treating or preventing conditions that might negatively effect your ability to live a full and rich life. Ageing well is also about taking care of your psychological and emotional health.

As much as we might try and stay fit and healthy, ageing in the latter half of life can present some challenges. When people are in their seventies, eighties and nineties it can be common for changes and losses to occur in relation to one's body and also to one's circumstances, for instance the death of a spouse or a reduced network of special friends.

You might not have thought about counselling before but it can help at these times. It is not a sign of weakness talking to a counsellor or mean that you are going  'crazy'. You might have dealt ably with many challenges in your life but circumstances now might feel like they are on a scale not experienced before - and if you have survived a war then that's saying something!

"Thank you Felicity for giving me back control over my own life. 'Per aspera at astra' - Through hardships to the stars!" Inge - senior citizen

Experiencing frustration, loss, low mood, confusion, lonliness, anxieties and just not feeling yourself are all experiences that can benefit from counselling and Your Storyline counsellors are experts in supporting older adults navigate such challenges.

Needing support at this time is nothing to feel ashamed about and our experienced counsellors will work with you so that you can feel better about yourself and your life - with more confidence and peace of mind - even if your circumstances stay the same.





Felicity offering her  'Living Well' talk to residents of Retire Australia











Retire Australia resident feedback on the 'Living Well' talks that Felicity has offered:

"Brilliant! Very interesting and relevant."

"Practical and had me remembering how much I loved being with people in my work. That's what I value - people."

"I thought it was marvellous and loved the relaxation bit at the end."