Being Mummy by Anne-Marie Taplin



"The home visiting service was very convenient and Felicity found a nice balance of combining friendly chatting with more focussed discussion." 

Kathy - new mother of one

"From a partner's perspective, your approach and understanding made me feel comfortable in the way you interacted with my wife."

Shane - husband and father of two

life bc

(Below is information that was on the Mothers Be Heard website - before Your Storyline had been concieved. For an understanding of this context see MBH The Story.)

Life BC (Before Children)

In the first few years of an invitation was given for mums to pay tribute to their BC experiences.  Here's what they said...


name: Natalie

date of entry: 31/7/06

no. of children: 1

age/s: 23 months




major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Practiced as a Registered Conveyancer in law firm

·    Played the Alto Saxophone

·    Bad but improving golfer

·    Financially Independent

·    Sports car and shoe fetish (now has become sensible car and shoes)

name: 'anonymous'

date of entry: 31/07/06

no. of children: 2

age/s: 3,5








major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Completed Bachelor of Teaching

·    Taught for 10 years in public and private schools

·    Completed a Graduate Diploma in Counselling

·    Travelling to 15 countries overseas

·    Renovated an old home and built a new home

·    Enjoyed travelling, playing tennis, eating out, sleeping in, reading the paper, shopping, camping, socialising with friends

·    Survived being stranded in the outback for a day in 42degrees

·    Enjoyed quality time with my husband

name: Christie

date of entry: 01/08/06

no. of children: 1

age/s: 8 months





major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Gym junkie - daily run, swim, weight training

·    12 km fun run in 1998

·    Worked full shift work for 13 years - loved it!

·    Gained various tertiary qualifications

·    Free to socialise anytime, with anyone at any cost $$

·    Completely self-absorbed, happy, fun loving, healthy, single but desperately in need of more - motherhood has brought out the best in me

name: Aunty K

date of entry: 01/08/06

no. of children: 2

age/s: 9,13




major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Citizen of the free world and traveller

·    Primary school teacher

·    Writer

·    Youth worker

·    Wife

·    Daughter

name: Rowena

date of entry: 08/08/2006

no. of children: 3

age/s: 7 months, 2, & 4 year old







major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Travelled overseas

·    First class honours in Geomorphology

·    Great job with NSW National Parks then the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

·    Outdoor adventures such as rock climbing, bushwalking and mountain bike riding

·    Played the piano, sax and clarinet

·    Designed and made my wedding dress for $170

·    Survived the emotional and physical pain of an ectopic pregnancy

·    Was a surf life saver

name: Trish

date of entry: 08/08/06

no. of children: 1

age/s: 7months








major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Purchased first rental property at 18

·    Earned a 6 figure salary

·    Started a business

·    Awarded first class trips to Tahiti & Africa for sales achievement

·    Travelled extensively overseas

·    Lived in a grotty share house in Melbourne after moving there alone

·    Married a man who I am in love with

·    Went on holidays to Europe with my mum & also to Queensland with my dad

name: Stacey

date of entry: 08/08/06

no. of children: 2

age/s: 4months, & 2 years




major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Travelling and dreaming of travelling

·    Meditation and yoga

·    Masters degree in Health Sciences

·    Private practice

·    Bush walking, swimming

·    Theatre goer, movie lover

name: Gabriela

date of entry: 19/08/2006

no. of children: 3

age/s: 5, 13, 16







major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Enjoyed skiing, ice skating, horse riding, bowling, bike riding, mountaineering

·    Worked as Mobile Massage Therapist & GPs Assistant

·    Organised messy people's offices

·    Silk painting & glass painting

·    Extensive globetrotting around the world camping, mountaineering - with and without bikes

·    Married my travel partner in Alaska

·    Migrated to Australia 1989, pregnant with first child

name: Juliette

date of entry: 07/09/2006

no. of children: 2

age/s: 3,5







major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Party girl; enjoyed a very active social life

·    Played piano, golf

·    Avid reader, movie goer

·    Primary school teacher - 13 years

·    Skiing in winter and summer days at the beach swimming off the hangovers

·    Unlimited attention to husband of 10 years

·    Worked towards overseas and nationwide travel

·    Spasmodic gym attendance

name: Louie

date of entry: 27/02/2007

no. of children: 2

age/s: 6months, 3







major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Completed Post Graduated in marketing

·    Pharmaceutical Brand Manager

·    Travelled for work frequently

·    Enjoyed fun, romantic, quality time with husband

·    Had my routine, my time, my life

·    Went to the gym, yoga and ran every week

·    Was searching for the ideal career opportunities

·    Fantasized about buying a house on the beach

·    Had more confidence

name: bree mummy

date of entry: 02/05/2007

no. of children: 1

age/s: 9months







major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Certificate IV in Disability; worked 3 or 4 jobs with different organisations and made great money

·    Party Party and socialized all the time when not working; never home

·    Did cross stitch and read

·    Had lots of US time with hubby and watched DVD's in bed

·    Went to movies almost every pay week

·    Played Basketball and watched hubby each week

·    Had long relaxing baths

name: Elmo's mum

date of entry: 15/05/2007

no. of children: 2

age/s: 4 years









major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Bought, renovated and sold houses

·    Went to the movies regularly

·    Overseas and interstate travel

·    Reading the complete newspaper every weekend

·    Having a hot cup of coffee and dinner and finishing it

·    Being spontaneous and getting on a plane with no/limited luggage

·    Lots of "me" time and plenty of selfishness

·    Music teacher

·    Went to restaurants whenever I felt like it

name: Fernlady

date of entry: 05/07/2007

no. of children: 1

age/s: 7 years







major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Waited for a miracle birth for over 18 years

·    Worth all the lost freedom, less time for self

·    He has made our world interesting and complex at the same time

·    I have gone back to get my Horticulture Tickets and also done Certificate 2 and 3 in Computers

·    Responsibility for another human being has challenged me to doing the best to my ability for all of our family

·    I think that God has blessed me and my husband with life's next generation

name: Bindii

date of entry: 25/07/2007

no. of children: 1

age/s: 5 (and really should include my 35 y.o hubby - needs just as much care as the son!)











major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    IT trainer travelling interstate every week with Federal government department

·    Adult learner in adult learning at university

·    Cross stitcher

·    Reading big books til way past midnight

·    Music listener til way past midnight (thank goodness for headphones)

·    New outfit every pay-day

·    New CD every pay-day

·    The best pen-pal long letter writer (over 100 pals world wide - this is before the WWW)

·    Able to travel overseas and meet some of my favourite pals :)

·    Solo-sex goddess (Mr Buzzy we miss you!)

·    Sex anywhere and anytime in any position with Mr Bindii when we finally met!

·    Gardener

name: witchypoo2

date of entry: 14/09/2007

no. of children: 1

age/s: 3
























major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Innovative singer/ songwriter/ guitarist

·    Live musician/ performer

·    DIY home recording enthusiast

·    Photoshop/ image manipulator artist of sorts

·    Feminist/ FREEDOM fighter/ activist

·    A social scene, a life, at least A friend

·    An extended family (so where did everyone go?)

·    A relationship/ sex? (What's that?), sex drive

·    Enthusiasm, determination, strength, assertiveness, self-confidence, self respect

·    Nothing! Could think and contemplate about absolutely "NOTHING"

·    Insomniac

·    A slim body without a wrinkly jelly belly and a somewhat less wrinklier complexion (also the self esteem that comes with feeling positive about one's body)

·    A relatively tidy home without finding lipstick smeared all over the computer

·    The convenience of grabbing what's on you then rushing out the door, even if it's just to get some bread or takeaway

·    Spontaneity, movement, quick

·    Movies, nightclubs, live shows, night life, late night public transport, the darkness, conversation, vagueness, irresponsibility, sense of humour, entertainment

·    The odd alcoholic beverage

·    Being invited out

·    Having choices, being treated as an individual human being with needs and desires


name: Gorgeous

date of entry: 11/10/2007

no. of children: 1

age/s: 6 years














major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Silver Duke Of Edinburgh Award

·    Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science (Psychology) with 1st class Honours

·    Travelled Europe for 3 months on my own

·    Sewing an outfit for the weekend's party

·    Saying yes without looking at the calendar

·    Potting all day and night without having to stop for meals

·    Reading all day and night and sleeping in the next day

·    Buying frivolous clothes, shoes etc 'cos I felt like it and had the spare cash

·    Hot air ballooning with husband

·    Long car trips without 100's of entertainment items

·    Men chatting me up

·    Feminism without compromises

·    Contemplation of navel time

name: Boo

date of entry: 11/11/2008

no. of children: 3

age/s: 1, 6, 9 years








major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    umm, nope, I don't recall anything.  Suppressed memories otherwise too painful in comparison?

·    Apparently I did finish Uni; BA (Hons)

·    More years working than I care to recall

·    Sleeping IN

·    Reading books

·    Eating and drinking

·    DINNER PARTIES!  Actually, generally PARTIES, and DANCING!

·    NIGHT CLUBS; short skirts and gorgeous clothes and a body that looked good in them

name: Nafeesa Lee

date of entry: 22/12/2008

no. of children: 1

age/s: 13 months





major accomplishments/experiences BC: 

·    Up and coming Residential Valuer in my country; recognised by my name by most valuation firms

·    President of the Valuers Association in suburb branch

·    Six months away from promotion to a senior position

·    Loved to socialise

·    Life of the party