(Below is information that was on the Mothers Be Heard website - before Your Storyline had been concieved. For an understanding of this context see MBH The Story.)

Adelaide's Child

'Postnatal stress', in March 2015 issue, page 5

Natalie Ritchie, Features Editor for the national CHILD magazines, contacted me last year.  She was interested in a term I spoke about - postnatal stress - which I first learnt about through Dr Wendy Le Blanc's research. 

Natalie wanted to publish some of her interview with me and let their Adelaide readership know about my home visiting service to mothers.  Just click on the icon below to see the page where MBH Wellbeing is mentioned.


ABC Radio Interview

ABC Statewide NSW- afternoon program. Thursday 3rd April 2008, with Fiona Wyllie

Pam MacIntosh, producer for the ABC Statewide Afternoon Program in NSW, contacted to arrange an interview. 

The request was for an interview in response to Professor Anne Buist's suggestion that new mothers should use the baby bonus to employ a nurse to help out in the first few weeks after birth. 

You can hear the interview between the presenter, Fiona Wyllie, and Felicity Chapman by clicking here (tip: you may need to disable your firewall if you are not able to access the media player) or on the icon below.

The interview goes for 15minutes.



The Australian Women's Weekly

July 2007, by Lee Tulloch

The Women's Weekly contacted to include them in an article about online communities. Scroll down to page 146 which highlights the interview that Felicity had with Lee.


Page 142

Page 143

Page 145

Page 146

Page 148

 counselling services in Adelaide

counselling services in Adelaide

The Standard Messenger

South Australia, Wednesday 20th December 2006, by Kasia Ozog

In the 'News' section, page 16.  See here or on the icon below.





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