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Advocating for older adults and offering an innovative psychological model for residents

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On Goodreads e.g., "A must read for social workers working in this field!" by Margaret, senior social worker for older adults living independantly

On Amazon Australia e.g., "[This book] breaks new ground - a story that needed to be told," by Gillian Guthrie, qualified counsellor, author, journalist and former TV producer.

On Amazon America e.g., "Small but powerful," by P. Kay

Industry/ editorial reviews for CPOP


2019, August, Psychotherapy and Counselling Journal of Australia, "An excellent resource, a great contribution to the field and a helpful professional support guide for counsellors and psychotherapists and carers... it seamlessly and lovingly describes the possibilities for creating magic for older people in care." (click for full review)

2019 February, winter edition, Contemporary Psychotherapy (UK), "This book could scarely be more timely... [it is a] thoroughly researched as well as being an accessible and engaging read... I recommend it to all therapists..." (click for full review)

2018 December, Therapy Today, British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP), "A comprehensive guide to working in this complex, specialist field that takes a deeply respectful, collaborative and empowering approach..." (click for full review)

2018 April, International Association of Hospice and Palliative Care (IAHPC), "You will enjoy this book..." by Dr Woodruff (click for full review)

Interviews, Presentations or Articles


2019 July, Therapy Today (UK) magazine, Felicity interviewed in feature entitled, 'It's never too late'

2018 December, Working With Older People (UK) journal, 'Managing emotional and psychological distress in older people'

2018 November, Australian Association of Gerontology conference, poster presentation, 'Undercover agents: innovative psychological model for an advanced senior population'

2018 August, Australian Ageing Agenda, 'Taking a holistic approach: understanding generational nuances'

2018 June, podcast with Vittorio Cintio, social work head of Nepean hospital, Blue Mountains

2018 June, Australian Ageing Agenda online magazine, 'Decline not a sign of failure'

2018 June, Community Care Review (Australian Ageing Agenda), 'Be on guard to ageism'

2018 May, Australian Ageing Agenda online magazine, Felicity's response to 'At long last, mental health support for residents,' from a mental health social worker perspective

2018 April, Manuscript Appraisal Agency, Blue Mountains, interview with Kit Carstairs, getting up close and personal about being a writer

2018 April, SA Council of the Ageing (COTA), 'Society needs to be senior friendly', page 23 in newsletter

2018 March, University of South Australia Alumni News, 'Empowering older adults,' interview with Cassie Saunders

2014 October, Sonder (formerly Northern Health Network and Northern Adelaide Medicare Local, 'Majorie's Story: A year in therapy, full story page 6

2014 October, Sonder (formerly Northern Health Network and Northern Adelaide Medicare Local, 'Majorie's Story: A year in therapy, cover

IN THE MEDIA - perinatal

Interviews, Presentations or Articles


2015 March, Adelaide's Child, 'Postnatal stress', interview with Feature's Editor Natalie Ritchie

2008 April, ABC Statewide NSW- afternoon program, interview with Fiona Wyllie

2007 July, Australian Women's Weekly, 'Internet communities', interview with Lee Tulloch covered on page 146. Contents. Page 142. Page 143. Page 145. Page 146. Page 148.

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