"The home visiting service was very convenient and Felicity found a nice balance of combining friendly chatting with more focussed discussion." 

Kathy - new mother of one

"From a partner's perspective, your approach and understanding made me feel comfortable in the way you interacted with my wife."

Shane - husband and father of two


(Below is information that was on the Mothers Be Heard website - before Your Storyline had been concieved. For an understanding of this context see MBH The Story.)


As a new IVF parent, I was really interested in the ART Mums section. The literature was fascinating. The whole IVF journey is more encompassing than I expected and it is reassuring to know that I'm not alone. Thank you for the much needed encouragement.


I think this website touches on some great issues; a lot of the stories I can relate to. I love that it gives mothers a voice. ....This website is a must for all mums, what ever age they are.


Congratulations on this website and the work that you are doing. It is really important work. When a woman becomes a mother, I believe that it will be the most important job that she will do in her life.

I appreciate the fight for woman's rights in my mother's day, but somehow motherhood got devalued in the process. We need to swing that pendulum back and say that motherhood is important, because the way we love and raise our kids has an impact on our society.

Mother's need to know that what they do is important, and that becoming a mother is a part of one's personal evolving journey. We are mothers and we are people with lives that are whole, rather that playing a role that society expects us to play. Thanks again. I wish you continuing success in helping women with the transition to motherhood.


Excellent idea, especially for ex-professional women who have sacrificed a BC Life for the ideal of a nurturing mother!


This is fantastic, so informative and professional. The stories are so heart felt and I can relate to so many of the emotions expressed. It is incredible that with such common themes running through the stories of mums we can at times feel so alone and isolated. Thank you for the time and dedication you have given to this amazing resource for women.


I am a mother of a 15 yr old son and a 13 yr old daughter, times are a changing again for me. Recently I took the family on a world trip covering eight countries and 8 and a half months and felt free of the constraints that being a stay at home mum brings. To be free and have my family with me was the greatest gift of all. But the comedown has been even more difficult; the reality of being back in my culture (England) and the constraints of once again feeling 'trapped' within the home are all back with a vengeance and gradually being worked through. Its great to come across sites like yours. It reminds me there are other 'mums' out there that feel the difficulties that comes within being a mum, with the choices that are made. In our culture being a mum does not seem to be valued, although all of us that are doing it know how difficult it is and the responsibilities that come with it and the value within it. Its tough. All learning is done whilst on the job, yet when I listen to my teens and hear their voices I know it was all worthwhile. That's love for you!


I felt quite emotional to read my response on the homepage of your website. If I'm honest I actually felt acknowledged as a person for the first time and that I am not alone. That is one thing that stands out for me now more than at any other time, the isolation of being at home.