Felicity Chapman
Director, Your Storyline Counselling




“Felicity’s home service sessions have been immensely helpful at a very challenging time of personal transition from a longterm 24/7 carer role. Her professional, dedicated, compassionate and highly skilful approach has enabled me to reflect on and embrace new life skills and insights. This approach, while gentle, supportive and inherently respectful, has also encouraged self empowerment and autonomy. I feel that Felicity has truly ‘walked’ beside me on this important transitional life journey.”

Susanna - carer



about your storyline

Your Storyline is a niche psychotherapy service in the east of Adelaide, South Australia. It specializes in life transition issues and gerontological care. Under the former name of MBH Mobile Counselling Service, it began operation in 2012. It offers quality in-home or on-site counselling, consultancy and training. For more information about each service type please visit the services page.

Everyone has a story to tell. Our life story - our storyline - is like a thread that weaves its way through all the good times and the bad. All the twists and turns that make up each human experience. Every storyline is unique like a thumb print or the structure of one's DNA. Your storyline is what makes you the person you are. It is the journey that you are on.

This service recognizes the vital role that your storyline plays in envisaging optimal emotional and psychological wellbeing. Counsellors from this service are very interested in your storyline for it speaks about the dominant issues that you are grappling with now and what you would like to be different in the future. About what was, what is, and what is hoped for. About what might have been lost and what is important to you now.

Your storyline is also the 'you' that continues to exist despite your circumstances. It is your identity - no matter how fragile that might feel at the moment. It is every achievement or challenge of the past and it is what propels you forward to discover meaning and hope.

When you are mature in years or have endured complicated circumstances, your storyline deserves even more attention. This service excels at providing quality psychological intervention with a very human touch.

There are four groups of people that Your Storyline is particularly committed to: seniors aged 65+ (especially advanced seniors), those with a disability or life limiting illness, carers and new mothers. The reason for this focus stems from decades of experience that Felicity Chapman, the principal counsellor, has had in working with these populations. In this time she has developed a strong interest in the unique needs of these groups and the often overlooked threads of grief present as major change (hoped for or not) starts painting a very different life picture.

Felicity Chapman - Principal Counsellor

Felicity is a Medicare accredited mental health social worker. She holds an Associate Diploma in Counselling from Tabor (1993) and a First Class Honours Degree in Social Work from the University of South Australia (1997) as well as having volunteered as a Lifeline counsellor and recieved training in a variety of evidence based psychological practices.

She has a particular interest in Narrative Therapy and this practice approach has informed the name of her business - Your Storyline. A quote from the Dulwich Centre spells out this focus, "Narrative therapists, when initially faced with seemingly overwhelming thin conclusions and problem stories, are interested in conversations that seek out alternative stories – not just any alternative stories, but stories that are identified by the person seeking counselling as stories by which they would like to live their lives. The therapist is interested to seek out, and create in conversations, stories of identity that will assist people to break from the influence of the problems they are facing." http://dulwichcentre.com.au/what-is-narrative-therapy/

Currently Felicity enjoys balancing private work with her role as mental health clinician at Northern Health Network and guest lecturing /tutoring positions with the University of Adelaide in the Graduate Program of Counselling and Psychotherapy. She has also been on the reference group for the Graduate Program since 2015.

In her spare time she enjoys being with her family, close friends, meditating, reading, writing and enjoying the tranquility of nature. She loves listening to people's stories, co-developing storylines that are more workable and witnessing the healing power of psychotherapeutic encounters.

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